Why Jazz Guitar Studio

We offer a simple streamlined approach to music. As well as a centralized resource point for you to learn and grow. We are here to support you and see you succeed in your musical journey. What ever form that may take.

As a student at Jazz Guitar Studio you will develop:

  • Strong & Universal musical skills
  • A deep understanding of the instrument
  • Greater mastery of Harmony and Melody
  • An understanding of some key building blocks for an improvising musician
  • Versatility in your technique and approach to music
  • Strong control of fundamentals such as Bossa Nova Rhythms, Blues, Essential pieces of the language and how to leverage them

Student Feedback

Having come from a very small musical background Jazz Guitar Studio was extremely helpful in laying down a solid foundation for how to play the guitar and how to view music in general. The lessons are structured around what you want to pursue, but at a pace and with material that is challenging, fun, and rewarding to complete. If you are looking for a teacher that is serious about music, experienced and poses the ability to help you reach your musical goals, whether that be increasing your aptitude with an instrument or studying complex theory, I would strongly suggest Jazz Guitar Studio.

Evan P.

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Teacher Profile

Over the last 20 years I have been working as a performer, band leader, composer, arranger, session musician and teacher.

A few years ago I started working to distill all the information and skill I have gained into simple and digestible concepts. It is my hope that with Jazz Guitar Studio these concepts will become accessible to anyone interested.

My goal is to provide a direct and accessible learning path, to proficiency as a musician. So that you can enjoy this music with others. Not only as a musician but also as a advocate and patron of the arts. I hope you will join me in this journey and will gain as much in learning as I have gained in distilling and providing the information.